Striving for an Injury-Free Workplace

Our responsibility is to create an environment built upon trust and centered around the health and safety of one another, our families, our communities, and our partners.

We create products and solutions that protect environments from contamination, catastrophic failure, and loss of human life. We understand that the importance of Safety is absolute and clear through all of our actions.

We ensure the physical and psychological well-being of our people as a key component of providing highly engineered solutions that advance and protect our world. Our primary goal is to co-create an injury-free workplace where we actively care for ourselves and others.

As an extension of our commitment to safety, sustainability is a vital responsibility. We strive to minimize the environmental impacts of our operations, as well as those of our customers and suppliers.

We create economic value without mortgaging the natural world, because we believe in leaving our communities and planet better than how we found them.

Garlock banner signed by all Enpro colleagues Enpro employee signing banner while being watched by fellow colleagues

Our Safety Pledge

I pledge to personally be involved in creating an injury-free workplace. My dedication to creating a safe workplace free of all injuries will be absolute and clear through my actions.

We will achieve our zero-accident safety goal by developing the Enpro safety culture across all operating divisions. We focus on safety culture, which leads to results. This depends on committed, supportive leadership and engaged colleagues. All Enpro colleagues annually sign a pledge that they will help achieve our safety goal. Colleagues actively participate in our safety culture approach, designed to eliminate all incidents associated with Enpro activities, products, and services. The Enpro safety culture approach has developed tools and practices to ensure the workplace is built by our colleagues and for our colleagues.