Oil and Gas Field Services

From site construction to emergency service, we provide integrated solutions for the energy industry.

From site preparation and construction to complete maintenance, ENPRO delivers projects on time, with the highest safety standards, and minimum interruption to your business. We develop highly cost-effective and efficient approaches in collaboration with each customer to address specific service needs.

Tank Cleaning

ENPRO employs highly trained and experienced field service crews that specialize in all types of confined space entry and industrial cleaning scenarios. When a cleaning situation involves a tank configuration that does not allow for manned entry, we utilize high volume/high pressure water and detergent tank cleaning machines that remove tank waste in a 3D array.

Our experience includes services for both above and below ground tank systems, marine vessels, rail cars, transport tankers, tote tanks and drums. ENPRO regularly cleans tanks of all types such as steel, fiberglass, polyethylene, plastic, concrete, and glass with and without liner systems.

Our most commonly handled waste products include petroleum products (i.e. #6 oil, bunker, and crude), chemicals, and solvents, alcohols, chlorinated solvents, paint-related materials and solvents, acids and bases, food grade materials and commodities, bulk solids, heavy sludges, tank bottoms, and waters.

ENPRO also performs work in oxygen deficient and flammable atmospheres, and can supply third party verification of “gas free” cleaning. We are ready to work with you to provide a customized solution to your tank cleaning needs.

Specific oil and gas field services include:

  • Emergency spill response
  • Environmental remediation
  • Drilling fluid tank cleanings
  • Drilling fluid transportation and disposal
  • Field drill site services
  • FRAC tank cleaning (inc. confined space entry and rescue, high pressure washing)
  • High-volume vacuum services
  • Hydro blasting and explosives
  • Lab packing
  • Onsite project coordination
  • Pad and pond construction
  • Rig washes
  • Sewer letting/line cleaning
  • Site preparation/land clearing and access road construction
  • Waste management
  • Waste transportation and disposal

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